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Product Description

MPM-03 Catcher is a unique catcher of microscopic metal particles which meets all aspects from the possibility of connecting to the fuel system to long-term protection from metal shavings and sawdust. 

Effectiveness of the MPM Catcher is in the usage of magnetic field. Thanks to the neodymium magnet it can catch all shavings from fuel and protect the fuel system from the irretrievably damage.

MPM-03 Detail 1

MPM-03 Detail 2

Technical Specification

MPM Catcher is designed to clean fuel systems from metallic microparticles. It prevents the spread of metal sawdust particles that come from fuel pumps in common rail systems. Its mantle is made of noble stainless steel.

  • Recommended Replacement:
    Cover: 120 000 km
    Expiration time: 3 years
    Upon reaching: 2500 eh
  • Installation:
    Placing of the MPM Catcher is always in front of the vehicle's fuel filter body. The arrow marked on the Catcher indicates the direction of the fuel flow.

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