The Risk of Irretrievably Damaging the Fuel System

In the fuel systems of cars and other diesel-powered machines are paper fuel filters commonly used to clean fuel tank from solid impurities and sediments.

Unfortunately, these filters cannot catch metal sawdust produced inside the system. Miniature metal particles get into the injectors which they irretrievably damage.

The injectors stop dosing sufficient amount of fuel and the car stops being mobile.

The consequences are fatal – repair costs are almost about €5 551 / $6 077. However, the same fault can happen again after several thousand kilometres.

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MPM Catcher Can Catch Sawdust


We decided not to settle for the current state and find solution that would adequately protect the fuel system.

That is why we have developed a unique MPM Catcher which meets all aspects from the possibility of connecting to the fuel system to long-term protection from metal shavings and sawdust.

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MPM catcher

MPM Catcher and Its Function

Effectiveness of the MPM Catcher is in the usage of magnetic field.

Thanks to the neodymium magnet it can catch all shavings from fuel, including those microscopic ones, and protect the fuel system from the irretrievably damage.

MPM Catcher is consist of the outer mantle, catcher and neodymium magnet. In the inner mantle the catcher hides a snail spiral with a magnet repository and metal shaving attachment pockets. The snail spiral has roughened indentation on its surface.


Broad Compatibility

MPM Catcher can be connected to any fuel system so that all fuel in the system passes through it.

Catches Microscopic Particles

Thanks to usage of magnetic field MPM Catcher can catch all of the microscopic metal particles.

Versatile Use

MPM Catcher can be use in both passenger cars and trucks as well as in the production machines.

Patented Technology

MPM Catcher is a product that is unprecedented on the market and that cannot be replaced by any kind of filters.


The Operation Principle of MPM Catcher Is Simple

Openings to connect to fuel system are located on the both ends of the catcher. All the fuel that circulates in the fuel system goes through MPM catcher. Magnet in the catcher catches all microscopic metal particles that do not circulate further in the system and do not create additional metal particles through its abrasion in the system. By doing so MPM Catcher protects the fuel system from damage.


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Variants and Uses

  • MPM-01: Passenger cars and vans up to 3000 cm³
  • MPM-03: Passenger cars and trucks over 3000 cm³
  • MPM-02: Working machines up to 3000 cm³
  • MPM-04: Working machines over 3000 cm³





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You can see and order the technical specification of the MPM Catcher variants in our e-shop.

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Technical Specification

MPM Catcher is designed to clean fuel systems from metal microparticles. It prevents the spread of metal sawdust particles that come from fuel pumps in common rail systems. Its mantle is made of noble stainless steel.


  • Recommended Replacement:
  • Cover: 120 000 km
  • Expiration time: 3 years
  • Upon reaching: 2500 eh
  • Installation:
  • Placing of the MPM Catcher is always in front of the vehicle's fuel filter body. The arrow marked on the catcher indicates the direction of the fuel flow.


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