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MPM Catcher

Magnetic metal particle trap to protect fuel and hydraulic systems from damage by metal filings and micro particles in the automotive and engineering industry.

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Risk of irreversible damage to the fuel system

Paper fuel filters are commonly used in the fuel system of automobiles and other diesel-powered machines to clean the fuel tank of solid contaminants and deposits..

Unfortunately, such filters do not trap the metal filings that build up inside the system. The miniature metal particles then get into the injectors and damage them irreversibly.

The injectors cease to dispense sufficient fuel and the car stops running.

The consequences are fatal – repair costs climb into the hundreds of thousands of crowns. Yet the same fault can recur after several thousand kilometres.

The source of metal microparticles and filings

Metal microparticles and filings enter the fuel system due to wear on the sides of the fuel pump gears. Fuel pump gear wear occurs in different ways. Sooner or later, metallic filing clogging occurs in all types of fuel pumps.

Metallic microparticles and chips in the fuel system

Every fuel system will develop varying amounts of metallic scale and microparticles after several years of use. These circulate in the system, pass through common filters and can irreversibly damage the injection system. This is what a diesel car test magnet looks like after taking a 300ml sample after several years of use.

MPM Catcher offers a workshop fuel testing kit. The kit consists of a container, a magnetic rod, a microscope and allows you to quickly analyze the fuel of any car.
You can easily demonstrate to the customer the presence of metal filings in the fuel and justify the need to use the MPM Catcher.

MPM Catcher can catch metal filings

We decided not to settle for the status quo and find a solution that would sufficiently protect the fuel system.

We developed the unique MPM Catcher, which meets all aspects from the possibility of connecting to the fuel system to the long-term protection against metal chips and filings.

MPM Catcher and its function

The effectiveness of the MPM Catcher lies in the use of a magnetic field.

Thanks to the neodymium magnet, it can catch all metal microparticles and chips. This protects the fuel system from irreversible damage.

The MPM Catcher consists of an outer shell, a catcher and a neodymium magnet. The Catcher houses a roughened snail spiral in its inner shell, with magnet storage and catch pockets for metallic debris in its centre. By flowing through the spiral, the oil or diesel is slowed down, contact with the magnet is prolonged and maximum filtration effect is achieved.

Wide compatibility

The MPM Catcher connects to any fuel system to allow all fuel in the system to pass through it.

Captures microscopic particles

The MPM Catcher captures all microscopic metal particles by using a magnetic field.

Wide range of applications

The MPM Catcher finds a wide range of applications in cars and trucks as well as construction and agricultural machinery.

Patented technology

The patented technology of the MPM Catcher is a product that is unparalleled on the market and cannot be replaced by any kind of filter.

Operation principle of MPM Catcher is simple

The MPM Catcher plugs into the fuel circuit before the fuel filter. The filter attachment is variable according to the car model, different types of clamps and fixings can be used, freely available in shops or in our e-shop.
It is important to install the MPM Catcher at least 30 cm away from the control unit and in the correct direction of the diesel flow.

Demonstration installations

Demonstration installation on VW Passat 2 tdi 140kw and Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci. Further examples of installations can be viewed here:

The principle of operation of the MPM Catcher

There are holes at both ends of the catcher for connection to the fuel system. All fuel circulating in the fuel system will pass through the MPM Catcher. The magnet in the Catcher catches any microscopic metal particles, which then do not circulate further in the system and do not create additional metal particles by their abrasion in the system. In this way, the MPM Catcher protects the fuel system from damage.

Variants and applications

  • MPM-01: Cars and vans up to 3000 cm³
  • MPM-03: Work machines up to 3000 cm³
  • MPM-02: Cars, trucks over 3000 cm³
  • MPM-04: Agriculture machinery over 3000 cm³

The technical specification of the MPM Catcher variants can be viewed and also ordered in our e-shop.

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Technical specification

The MPM Catcher is designed to clean metal microparticles from fuel systems. It prevents the spread of metallic particles that come from fuel pumps in common rail systems. Its casing is made of stainless steel.

  • Recommended Replacement
    Mileage: 120,000 km
    Elapsed Time: 3 years
    Reach: 2500 mth
  • Installation:
    The location of the MPM Catcher is always in front of the fuel filter housing of the vehicle or machine. The arrow marked on the catcher indicates the direction of fuel flow.

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